Enjoy our best activity and in the same time observe our pure natural enviroment.Rafting Savinja is a great adrenaline experience. We have all the equipment and trained guides, which will make sure you have a great run on our river Savinja.

Savinja is a River in northeastern Slovenia, which starts in upper Savinja valley – Logarska dolina. It flows through Upper and Lower part of our valley and enters into the Celje basin and flows through the cities of Celje and Lasko. It is the longest river flowing exclusively in the territory of Slovenia, otherwise it is the 6. longest Slovenian river.

Rafters from Ljubno were transporting wood through River until 1950. At this time a monument resembling the rafters on the left bank of the river in Celje and an annual tourist event in the rafters festival in Ljubno. Specially at the upper reaches of the river there is a lot of fishing and rafting.

Rafting on the beautiful river Savinja is said to be 100% pure pleasure. Campaign throughout the route (14 km) to arrange for the right dose of adrenaline.

Together with experienced WHITE RABBIT team guides you will experience an unforgettable day.


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