Slovenian government declared that the borders will be open on the 1st of June for travellers from Schengen countries, without restrictions. This means that holidays are possible and we are more than ever looking forward to see you at Menina!

Can you travel to Camping Menina and Slovenia this summer? YES!
There wil be more precautions and distancing rules in Slovenia to make sure you can spend your summer holidays in Slovenia safe and sound. Although COVID-19 seems under control, we all have a responsibility to our family and others to keep it that way!

Both domestic and foreign tourists will have to accept the “new normal” due to the Coronavirus.
There will be many measures to be taken into account and followed up this summer holiday. This year, holidays are likely to put emphasis on health precautions, which will include the following:
¥ use of hand sanitizer,
¥ contactless payment,
¥ use of stairs rather than lifts,
¥ social distancing (1½ meter),
¥ use of private sanitary rather than public
¥ using face masks whenever you go inside a building or public transportation where you might encounter other people (restaurant, shop, reception, sanitary buildings.
Make sure to check what are the preventive measures before embarking on your summer holidays of 2020.
The sanitary buildings on the campsite will be open.
Can you go on holiday to Slovenia this summer? YES!
Slovenia is gradually opening its borders with Italy, Austria, and Croatia the 1st of June. Austria opened more checkpoints on the border with Slovenia as it continues to ease measures adopted due to the Coronavirus epidemic.
Croatia will open its borders with Slovenia in the middle of May. However, the border crossing with Croatia will be limited to people who have real estate and campers located in Croatia. The rest of the people will be able to cross the Croatian border at the end of June or the beginning of July, depending on the situation with Coronavirus in Croatia.
Can you book a flight to Slovenia in the summer of 2020? YES!
Slovenia opened Ljubljana Airport at Brnik. However, passenger flights from the largest Slovenian airport are not expected to start before June, as most airlines and air carriers have cancelled their flights to Slovenia until the end of May. However, Transavia, Lufthansa, Swiss and Brussels Airlines have already opened bookings on June flights.
Transavia has flights offered on their website starting the 4th of June, but also a message that direct flights to Slovenia start later. Please check carefully.
Turkish Airlines, which was one of the most active foreign carriers at Ljubljana airport, will also start flying again in June and then gradually increase operations until October.

* High levels of hygiene should be maintained at terminals, rest areas along highways, car parks and petrol stations.
* Passenger flow should be managed at stations.
* Where adequate levels of public health cannot be ensured, closure of stations should be considered.

* Rear doors should be used for passenger entry, and ventilation is done by opening windows instead of turning on the air conditioning.
* Seating should be arranged so that families sit together when possible, while people who do not travel together should sit separately.
* In minibuses, passengers should not sit next to the driver if physical separation is not possible.
* If possible, passengers should take care of their luggage themselves.

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