Do we need to book?
Yes, you need to book mobile homes, wooden huts and hostel just send us e-mail. For larger groups (scouts, camper clubs, sport clubs) you are most welcome to send us an e-mail and we will discuss what is the best price we can offer you.
Most recommendable would be a large group, two families or more, so that you can book the camping pitches also. We can also offer you lovely XXL spots for groups or if 2, 3, 4 families camp together, we will be able to offer you this XXL spots as well. Camp Menina is 8 ha large and has enough spots available most of the year. In the high seasons you can book these pitches by sending us an e-mail!

How big are the huts?
There are 2 huts, which can house 6 persons measuring 50m2, 1 wooden hut has 10 beds and measures 70m2. This hut is made for 2 families who would like to stay together. Mobile homes have 2 bedrooms for 2 adults and 2 kids and the living room can be converted into a bed so that each mobile home can accommodate 4+2 persons and measures 24m2. All Huts and mobile homes are fully equipped for all your needs, including: kitchen, terrace, sun chairs, etc. Also included are Bed linens, however we don’t supply you with towels.

Is there a store on the campsite?
At the campsite there is a restaurant where you can also get take a way pommes frites, pancakes and beer. In the morning we sell fresh home made bread, home made honey, marmalade and chess. There is small store just 400 m away from the campsite, where you can buy most of your daily groceries.

What is the weather like in Slovenia?
Slovenia lies between the Alps, Adriatic Sea and Pannonia flat. So we are mixed in a small country between 3 general weather influences. We have a lot of snow in the winter. April and November are months with rain. The rest of the year, May, June, July, August and September has an average temperature between 28 – 35 °C. There could be some occasionally rain showers in this period. Slovenia has 300 sunny days per year.

Where is the nearest restaurant?
At the campsite there is a restaurant with a bar. Where you can taste a traditional Slovenian cuisine: trout, home made ravioli, pasta, apple strudel; with good Slovenian wines, cold beer, juice In the neighbourhood there are lots of restaurants and pizzerias. Details about those you can get on arrival at the campsite. You will get all the information & offers on the campsite activities, happenings and animation. Some of the best restaurants you can see in the link section on our page. Prices in the restaurants are for families of 2 kids & 2 persons, all-inclusive with drinks, about €35.

Where is the market place?
Most of the summer weeks a market is organized on every Saturday in another village in the area of the camping place. You can buy home made bread, cookies, fresh vegetables and fruitAs people in the Slovenian countryside mostly grow their own food at home as a hobby, they don’t need to buy so much. So most markets are in cities where peoples cannot grow vegetables etc.

Where can we wash our clothes?
On the campsite we have washing machines and a dryer. We have 6 washing machines so the waiting times aren’t long and the price is €5 for washing and €3 for drying, however, with the beautiful Slovenian weather you do not necessary need to dry your clothing, as the sun can do this for you for free.

Do we need coins for shower?
You don’t need coins for the shower. We like to offer the easiest, most friendly and useful facilities for you!

Is the water drinkable?
Yes, the water is drinkable everywhere in Slovenia. But beer might be more recommendable.

Do you rent bikes?
On the campsite we rent different kind of bikes, per day or per hour. We also rent skelters for kids, and you can even rent a car (Mitsubishi Pajero), perfect for guests with big campers. The rental price for this car is €25 per day so you can easily explore the valley.

Where can we swim?
For swimming we have a lake on the campsite, which is 100 x 100 m big, the deepest is 0,7m till about 2, 3 m, so even kids have the possibility to stand up straight. The lake is clean and very recommendable for the children, because it has kayaks, a diving board, toboggan slide and a nice beach for sunbathing. The campsite is just by the river Savinja and lots of kids like it for playing, fishing, swimming, kayaking There is a swimming pool in the area which is about 15 km from the campsite: Pingo in Orla vas with a big toboggan slide; Topolïca is a thermal resort with many swimming pools and more SPA resorts just in distance of 30km from the campsite.

Are there any playgrounds?
Next to the campsite there is a playground for football, basketball and beach volleyball, bowling and mountain bike park. In the area of 5 km are many tennis playgrounds. We are busy to open mini golf in the summer of 2010 and climbing walls. But most guests say the valley is big nature playground.

What about parties?
We will have different thematic parties. For children: talent shows and a magician show; Polka evening: where we teach you how to dance a Slovenian polka, and Vine tasting etc! A range of interesting local events in July and August: Rafters ball in Ljubno, Luče day, Shepherds’ festival in Ã… mihel. – these are local fiestas and every weekend in summer time there is one of them. We organise party tours to the fiestas with a guide and transport (cincin)! Most evenings during the week, guests gather at campfires for some small chats and singing.

What are the average prices of some basic foods in shops or restaurants in Slovenia?

Average prices of some basic foods in shops are the following:
1 kg of bread €1,86
1 litre of milk €0,56
½ litre of beer €1,80
Daily paper €0, 80
Average prices of some basic foods in restaurants are the following:
€1,00 for a cup of espresso coffee,
€1,40 for 2 dl of cola,
€6,00 for a classical, large pizza,
€7,00 for a portion of pasta with Bolognese sauce.
€8,00 for grilled trout
€10,00 for mix grill plate
In tourist spots you can expect slightly higher prices, while outside the tourist spots the prices will be lower than the average.

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